Environmental Policy

Springfield Business Supplies Ltd is an Office Supplies, Computer Consumables, Seating and Office Furniture supplier based in Bedford.


We are into the third year of our plan to reduce our Carbon Foot print. In our first year we reduced our tonnage output by 25%, showing a 13.2 CO2e (tonnes) reduction from 51.5 CO2e (tonnes) to 38.31 CO2e (tonnes).


We have achieved our 12 month target which was to reduce by a further 5 CO2e (tonnes). As we have reduced our output by another 8.3 CO2e (tonnes). We have met our target as we have reduced to:


30.1 CO2e (tonnes) 2010/2011 from our original carbon footprint * 51.5 CO2e (tonnes) 2007/2008

 An overall reduction of 21.4 CO2e (tonnes)


Planned areas to continue reduction are as follows:


*Electricity consumption/switch off campaign

*Fuel Usage

*Reduce package requirements


Our team are committed to continuing the reduction of our carbon footprint, and work individually and as a team to reach this target.

Regular meetings are carried out to ensure everyone is kept up to date, and to encourage input from everyone to achieving our targets and share ideas.


We have regular reviews and each member of staff is presented with the results. We review our utility bills, fuel bills and delivery vehicles routes to ensure that the planned reductions will be implemented and our targets are met.